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Fish Out of Water Clothing

Fish Fulfillment Shirt

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The Fish Fulfillment Shirt

-- Boxy Tee --

Being that it is the staple piece of the Seek Fulfillment collection, it proposes the principle of seeking fulfillment over pleasure. Scroll down to the very bottom to see the short explanation of this shirt's design.

This shirt is unique as it is the first piece of clothing to implement a scannable QR code. The QR code leads the scanner to the website with an explanation of the shirt. This shirt also possesses embroidered letters on both the front and back, as well as a graphic. Made out of 100% cotton, the durable and hefty shirt has a Carhartt feel.

*If in doubt, or in-between sizes, SIZE UP!*


 - Meaningful Design

 - Scannable QR code with website destination

 - Embroidered front and back lettering

 - Graphic

 - 100% Cotton

 - Premium Material

The short explanation of this shirt:

Meaning: Seek fulfillment over pleasure.

The eye: The eye at the center of the flower is used to illustrate the action of seeking.

The Purple Rose: In the middle of the floral arrangement, you will see a purple rose which represents fulfillment. Just as a rose bush is hardy and can last upwards of 15 years, so too can fulfillment. 

The Blue Flower: The large blue flower, called a Touch-me-not (it’s a poisonous annual), represents pleasure. Just as annuals live a short life, dying every year, so too does pleasure.

The Tear: Once the blue flower dies, all that is left is a tear which represents the once romantic, short-lived, and unsatisfying past.


  • Purple is the color of royalty and compassion.
  • Turquoise is the color of selfishness and personal benefit.