About Me

Hello and welcome, glad you decided to look around my page.

I am Owen Waldo, the youngest of 8 children. While growing up, my siblings and I were homeschooled by our Dad and Mom. This experience led to some of the fondest memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I always had friends growing up, even if you were to exclude my siblings from the count.

However, despite my existing friendships, being homeschooled led to the feeling of separation and a fear of the unknown. This unknown I am talking about were kids my age who happened to attend public/private schools. Along with that worry came a belief of unworthiness as I interacted with these "normal" people my age.

I felt like I had to be a high achiever, the nicest dressed, or the smartest to be welcomed. As these emotions grew, it turned into social anxiety because I believed I had to be the best to feel welcomed. Having those thoughts can be overbearing and tiring. I thought people would be mean and nasty to me if I lacked in any area of my life.

In recent years, I have had healing through reflection as well as obtaining wisdom from others. By doing so, I no longer feel so burdened by those thoughts and fears. I can live my life in a way that is free from those weighted emotions. By focusing my love on others, I am no longer so concentrated on my shortcomings.

Through my experiences, I have learned that I am responsible for every aspect of my life. This new understanding was immensely freeing as I realized I influence the way I live my life. I do not want to live my life dictated by the opinions of others; I want to focus my love and energy on those around me. I chose to create Fish Out of Water because of this.

"A Fish Out of Water is someone who, out of love, does their own thing by living, acting, and behaving in the way they please, regardless of what others say or think of them."


- Owen Waldo